Mission/Vision - Filipino American Symphony Orchestra




FASO is an artistic group committed to the enrichment of Filipino culture through orchestral music by developing and promoting artists through programs and activities designed to educate and enrich the community.


FASO’s vision is to be the premiere orchestra that will sustain artistic excellence in the community; and, to be the avenue of cultural growth especially the youth, and help in developing love and pride not only in music but in one’s identity.



The goal for FASO is to cultivate the artistry of Filipino musicians and showcase the innate Filipino artistic talent. We want to help open artistic and cultural borders for these artists, so that through them we can educate and enrich the diverse communities in America and the world with our unique Filipino culture and rich artistic heritage.

  1. To foster growth in establishing and developing Filipino-American orchestra musicians,
  2. To advance and promote Filipino music,
  3. To serve and support the community, and
  4. To provide opportunities to the community to experience a positive atmosphere of Filipino culture.

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