FASO featured in Daft Punk Music Video and Dazed Magazine

The Filipino American Symphony Orchestra (FASO) was recently featured in the music video of Daft Punk, a popular French electronic music duo. Consisting of French musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, Daft Punk reached significant popularity in the late 1990s house movement in France and was met with continued success in the years following. They are credited with producing songs that were considered essential in the French house scene and have released three studio albums along with remix and live albums, and the “TRON: Legacy” soundtrack.

Wes Olson, the producer of the music teaser video, said that one of his assistants referred FASO to him when they were looking for an orchestra to join Daft Punk in the video and the film shoot for Dazed & Confused Magazine. “I got in touch with some members of the orchestra and the meeting went well so we decided to get them for the filming,” said Olson. Dazed & Confused is a British-style magazine,that was set up in 1992 and published monthly covering topics that include music, fashion, film, art and literature. Throughout the 1990s, the magazine’s influence grew as its format evolved and the reputations of those it had championed early in their careers blossomed.

The December edition of Dazed celebrates radical visions for the future, with a world exclusive feature with Daft Punk in Los Angeles as they unveil their soundtrack for the 3D sci-fi blockbuster “TRON: Legacy.” The issue of the magazine comes with specially inserted glasses in order to see the spectacular 3D shoot by photographer Sharif Hamza and styled by senior menswear editor Robbie Spencer. The photos show several members of FASO in the background. “The magazine supposedly hit newsstands yesterday (Nov 19)…. at least in Europe….. not sure if it’s quite out here yet…. but check the newsstands! The one on Cahuenga and Hollywood Blvd (or is it Sunset Blvd?) is a good candidate to find it, or also Centerfolds on Fairfax just north of Melrose. It could possibly take another week or so before it’s out in the US though. But spread the word around,” said Olson.

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