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Call for Solo Auditions for Young Vocalists: Sing with Us at Our Summer Concert

The Filipino American Symphony Orchestra is calling for young vocalists, from grades 3 to 12, to audition for solo spots at our summer concert on Saturday, August 3, 2019.

To sign up for an audition, submit the application form below. Applicants must also provide a link to a prescreening video clip of themselves singing any song of their choice in the application form. The clip may not exceed more than 4 minutes in length. YouTube links are preferred. However, if the candidate has performed with FASO before, this prescreening video requirement is waived.

The application form and sample video clip are due Saturday, March 2. Those who pass the pre-screen will be invited to our live auditions on Saturday, March 16 in Los Angeles. The time and venue of the audition will be provided in your invitation letter.

If you’re invited to our live auditions, you’ll be asked to perform two songs. The first audition piece must be selected from the list of songs below. The songs on the list are part of our Disney Hall concert repertoire. When you select a song from the list as your audition piece, you will be auditioning to perform that song at our concert. The second audition piece can be any song of your choice that best showcases your own vocal style and abilities. If you’d like, your second audition piece can also be selected from the list below.

Choose your audition pieces wisely. We recommend selecting pieces that you’re most comfortable with and that best fits your vocal range. But when selecting your second piece, take into consideration the popularity of a prospective song as an audition piece. If you select a popular audition piece, then you’ll most likely be competing with more candidates. If you select a less popular audition piece, then the odds of being selected will be much more favorable with fewer candidates to select from. If we don’t find a candidate suitable for any of the songs below, we reserve the right to exclude the song from the concert repertoire.

Additional details regarding the live auditions will be provided in your invitation if you’re selected. Good luck!

Questions? Email Louie Ramos at luisramos91201@gmail.com.

Audition Pieces

1. Sa Ugoy ng Duyan (Solo)
2. Ili-Ili Tulog Anay (Solo)
3. Caturog na Nonoy (Solo)
4. A Million Dreams
• Solo
• Duet of Child Vocalist AND Their Parent

Listening Tracks

Here are a few listening tracks to help participants learn audition pieces from our repertoire.

1. Sa Ugoy ng Duyan
Vocal Model
Minus One

2. Ili-Ili Tulog Anay
Vocal Model

3. Caturog na Nonoy:
Vocal Model
Minus One (Verse Only)

4. A Million Dreams Solo version:
Solo Vocal Model
Duet Vocal Model

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