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A photo of Adriel "Rush" Garcia in promotion of FASO@10 on Saturday, Nov. 3 at the Alex Theatre.

Artist Spotlight: Composition Competition Winner Adriel “Rush” Garcia

We close our FASO@10 spotlight series with another very exciting announcement! We’re announcing the winner of our first-ever composition competition.

The International Composition Competition for Philippine Folk Music for students was established in honor of FASO’s tenth anniversary and dedicated to the promotion of Philippine folk music. All participants submitted an original composition for full orchestra that incorporated one or more themes from any Philippine folk song(s).

A photo of Adriel "Rush" Garcia in promotion of FASO@10 on Saturday, Nov. 3 at the Alex Theatre.

Today, we’re featuring the winner of the competition, Adriel “Rush” Garcia! You can hear his award winning reinvention of the folk song “Ang Pipit” at FASO@10 this Saturday, Nov. 3, at 7 p.m. at the Alex Theatre! Read up on this talented young artist below!

1. Rush is a senior at the renown Oberlin Conservatory of Music. While he obviously has the chops of an accomplished composer and arranger, Rush majors in Trombone Performance! His skill with the trombone took him to NPR’s “From the Top” and won the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition!

2. Countless online communities know him best for his YouTube channel of orchestral arrangements and original works, which has over 96 thousand subscribers! The channel features a large assortment of his orchestral re-imaginings—of EDM producers’ works, songs from TV shows and more! But his most popular work is his soaring arrangement of “Hopes and Dreams” from the video game “Undertale,” which has over 12 million views!! We’ve got it here. And if you like what you hear, support Rush on Patreon!

3. Remember Dodjie Simon, who taught our Songwriting Workshop earlier this year? He and Rush collaborate as the musical duo Simon and Rush! Last year, they released “Des Rêves,” a classical crossover album. Here’s an epic, breathtaking track from the album that Dodjie wrote and Rush arranged.

4. In line with FASO’s own mission, Rush’s passion is mentoring young artists. In the future, he hopes to teach music in a high school!

5. Fun fact: Rush is an only child. He claims to be the favorite!

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